Cheyne Walk Trust (CWT) is an extension of the original Cheyne Walk Residents’ Association founded by May Maguire in 1975 to help preserve the Chelsea riverside from a proposed increase in the houseboat population. This would have led to the loss of the beach and river views.

Other issues affecting the riverside were monitored and raised with the RBK&C/Government departments. The Association was closely involved with the successful ‘lead in petrol’ campaign, the ‘night lorry ban’and opposed the ‘trunk road’ designation of Cheyne Walk.
At that time a ‘paint the riverside’ open day was held and widely supported by local artists. An exhibition and sale at Chenil Galleries followed and a delegation also saw Mrs Lynda Chalker, the Minister of Transport.

In 1989 the threat of WEIR encouraged us to enlarge our membership and create the Cheyne Walk Trust. Together with other local groups pressure was exerted and the scheme was abandoned.

The first newsletter was issued in December 1989 and in 1990 the first AGM was held in the Remembrance Hall.

Lord Renwick was our first Chairman followed by Stephen Griffiths in 1994 and Colonel David Waddell in 2001. Since then the AGM, followed by a talk and reception, has been held at the Chelsea Physic Garden, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, the National Army Museum and Petyt Hall at Chelsea Old Church.

CWT has also been involved in recent years with the development of Crosby Hall, Red Routes, Congestion Charge, The Thames Super Sewer, and other local planning matters.