Welcome to Cheyne Walk Trust Chelsea

The Cheyne Walk Trust was formed in 1975, prompted by Government plans to force a major new road (the West London Environmental Improvement Route) along the Chelsea bank of the Thames with potentially disastrous impact for residents of Chelsea riverside.

Well organised opposition successfully defeated that plan and The Trust’s mission since then has been to retain and enhance the best aspects of this special area and to represent local residents’ interests to that purpose and against matters that might harm its unique character.

The Trust is represented by a Committee, all local residents and listed below by name of present appointees, elected annually at the AGM, which normally is held on the first Tuesday in November each year.

Chairman: Col. David Waddell
Secretary: Bill Toomey
Honorary Treasurer: John Kozak
Membership Secretary: David Swanson
Committee:  Charles Mayes, Roddy Mullin, George Nicholson, Denis Strauss, Anthea Turner, Frederick Mostert

Currently the Trust has approaching 200 members by subscription.